Roe v. Wade is under attack in North Carolina

In the wake of the leaked draft decision purporting to overturn Roe v. Wade, it is, first, important to remember that this is only a draft decision and that abortion remains legal in this country.

Second, this draft decision is not a huge surprise. It follows a clear and consistent Republican effort to end the right to abortions and a hard right turn in the Supreme Court, despite the fact that poll after poll and year after year, voters are clear: they overwhelmingly support reproductive freedom and Roe v. Wade.

Once Roe is officially overturned, over 26 states are positioned to ban abortion – pushing necessary health care out of reach for over 36 million women. As voting starts for primaries across the country, it is clear that abortion is on the ballot and we must vote accordingly. It is critical now more than ever that the American people turnout to vote in their state elections and vote for pro-choice candidates who will protect their rights to reproductive freedom at the state level. In states across the country, the result of the 2022 elections will determine if people have access to abortion.

Here in NC, that means ensuring that Democrats maintain the seats they have or gain some in the NC House and Senate. We cannot allow the Republicans to regain a super-majority, which would render Governor Cooper’s veto of abortion bills meaningless. We are only two seats away from that in the Senate and two in the House. There are tight races across the state and Democrats need to win every one of them.

I am proudly part of the pro-choice majority in this country, and will always fight to protect abortion rights and to push back against efforts to put these decisions in the hands of government, instead of with us and our doctors, where it belongs. Residents of Buncombe County, hear this: I will do everything in my power to ensure reproductive freedom remains legal in NC.