Our Path Forward

I’ve talked many times about how important it is to defeat Republicans this year and break the GOP’s supermajority. This year is a make or break year for Democrats statewide.

Luckily, we’ve got a clear path ahead of us and I’m excited to share that with you.

The path to breaking the supermajority in the Senate runs through these candidates:

  • Senator Kandie Smith, District 5 (D+7)
    Senator Kandie Smith is my colleague in the NC Senate, a former NC House member, and former Mayor of Greenville in Pitt County. Sen. Smith is a dedicated public servant who is in a more competitive district this time around, but one that Democrats must, and should, hold.
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  • Dr. David Hill, District 7 (R+2)
    Dr. David Hill is a pediatrician who has practiced in Wilmington since 2002. Dr. Hill is a well known community member, health care accessibility advocate, and leader in the North Carolina Pediatric Society. This district leans slightly Republican but contains most of New Hanover, a bellwether county that Joe Biden won in 2020. This is one of two seats we hope to switch to our team.
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  • James Mercer, District 11 (D+1)
    James Mercer is a retired US Army Lt. Col, who founded a nonprofit that runs a children’s feeding program, an emergency rent and utility assistance program for low-income individuals/families and a transitional housing program for homeless veterans in Nash and Edgecombe counties. This district is our second pick up opportunity.
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  • Sen. Lisa Grafstein, District 13 (D+1)
    Senator Lisa Grafstein is one of my colleagues in the Senate who fell victim to Republican gerrymandering earlier this year. Her district is now in a different portion of Wake County and is much more competitive than her previous district. With our support, we can definitely win this one and keep Sen. Grafstein in the Senate!
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  • Rep. Terence Everitt, District 18 (R+1)
    My Democratic colleague in the House, Rep. Terence Everitt stepped up to run for this district when the Democratic incumbent chose not to run.  This district includes northern Wake and Granville counties. Rep. Everitt is a strong legislator with deep ties to his district who has won tough races before. This race will be a close one, but I have full confidence that, with strong support, Rep. Everitt will be my colleague in the Senate next year.
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  • Woodson Bradley, District 42 (D+1)
    Woodson is a mom, wife, business owner, community leader, and tireless volunteer. She is a domestic violence survivor and advocate for families, children, and teens across the state. Woodson is also the NC Special Olympics Fall Games Venue Manager and has worked with NC Special Olympics for almost 10 years. This Mecklenburg County seat is currently held by Sen. Rachel Hunt, who is running for Lt. Governor, and is one that Democrats must keep!
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I’m not going to sugar coat it – we’ve got to win these to make sure that Democrats can break the supermajority and stay on the path to the majority.

Can we count on your support? You can donate to these candidates directly or you can donate to me, knowing that I will be using what I raise to get these candidates elected.

Standing strong,