Together We Can Tackle Our Affordability Crisis

Today, I’ve posted a new video called “The Cost of Getting By” in which I discuss my plans for tackling our affordability crisis. Housing prices and rents have outpaced paychecks, and working class people are being left behind and pushed out of our region.

That’s why as a member of Asheville City Council, I’ve worked hard to make our city more affordable. I fought for better public transit to make our commutes easier and cheaper, and for more affordable housing so Asheville can remain a place for everyone.

We need to do more, but Raleigh holds us hostage when it comes to enacting Local Living Wage laws, mandating affordable housing in new development and generating the revenues we need to invest in our community’s future.

That’s why I’m taking the fight to Raleigh. As your next State Senator, I will ensure that more of our hotel tax dollars go to community priorities and city needs: affordable housing, public transit, sidewalks, and parking.

But hotel taxes alone are not enough. So, I’ll work to secure authority for the City and the County to raise additional revenue from tourism through mechanisms like sales taxes or a food-and-beverage tax.

I’ll also push to:

  • give Asheville and other local governments the power to pass living wage laws and adopt mandates for affordable housing,
  • expand Medicaid to cover not just basic medical needs, but mental health, dental and vision too,
  • increase pay for our teachers and firefighters and other public servants to ensure that they are paid what they deserve and can afford to stay in our communities, and
  • pass a Green New Deal for North Carolina that creates good jobs in the sectors that help build our clean energy future.

We can only tackle our affordability crisis together. March 3 is the Democratic Primary, and I need your vote and your support. Please share this video with your friends and family through social media (here’s the video on Facebook), and consider making a donation or signing up for future canvassing and volunteer days.

Thank you,