JOIN JULIE FOR A Special private event

Atlanta Party for Julie Mayfield for NC Senate

Come meet Julie Mayfield — candidate for North Carolina's 49th Senate District. Meet other supporters and find out how you can help make this campaign a success.

Party Details

Date: October 17, 5:30-7 PM
Place: Southface
241 Pine St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

Appetizers and beverages will be provided.

Party Hosts

Dennis Creech & Callie Pendergrast
Susan Kidd
Frank Alexander
Doug Ammar
Marsha Bansley
Justine Cowan
Felicia Davis
Jim & Pat Durrett
Rick Horder
Ciannat Howett
Scott Laseter
Ellen Macht
Mandy Mahoney

Sue McAvoy
Stan Meiburg
Lynne Moody & Michael Thun
Steve O’Day
Craig & Terri Pendergrast
Susan Richardson
Jason Rooks
Gil Rogers
Polly Sattler
John Sibley
Pam Sugarman
Rob Williams

Help Build A Better Buncombe County

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